Providing 100 widows with food supplies for three months!

Providing 100 widows with food supplies for three months!


On the 15th of July we distributed food supplies to over a 100 widows. Each bag weighed at 77 lbs. The widows received ingredients needed to cook every day food such as rotis, indian crepes, rice cakes, oil, sugar and a few types of lentils. These supplies will last a widow 3 months and take care of their daily food needs.

The widows when they received these supplies were overwhelmed, they had tears in their eyes and their faces glowed with excitement. They felt blessed beyond belief! It was hard for them to imagine having food in store for tomorrow when they live a day to day existence with a scarce amount of it.

The food supplies they received were of a high quality. Each bag of supplies would have costed them around 3,000 rupees were they to buy it in the market.

One of the women who received a bag began pouring out her heart. She spoke about how her husband forced her out of the house because he fought with her and when she returned to her father’s house the father didn’t want to take care of her because she and her child would be another two mouths to feed. She cried and thanked the Rock Church with a heart full of gratitude for what God was providing for them.

These are just a few of the things that God is doing at the Rock Church of India!