On His Sweetness

Lazarus Pachigalla | President of RWM | L.I.F.T.

In the beginning God…
Oh how I delight in thy name O God – there is a profound sweetness, a delight, a flutter of my heart a feeling that can be only described as indescribable. An emotion that permeates my whole as thy name leaves my tongue. Your name to me is like that of a boy who is in love who lights up at the mention of his beloveds name. It is beautiful, radiant, warm and sacred.


I am reminded of the Psalmist as he pens one of the most beautiful lines I have ever read, he writes “Oh Lord our Lord, How excellent is thy name in all the earth!” Thy glorious name is set above the heavens and yet there is a connection that cannot be denied between thy name and thy creation.

Separated from you at birth created a void within that only you can fill. All creation yearns for you, yearns to be united with you once again and to have you once again walk among us, in us, and reside within us.

To follow thee, walk with thee, converse with thee and listen to thee – my imagination runs wild with thoughts of you. My entirety yearns for thy presence unhindered by this mortal coil that I would shed in an instant to be with thee – my God.

Lazarus Pachigalla / President of RWM / L.I.F.T.